IATS 3 Day Mini Tour Day 3: Austin, TX

It took me a little to write this. As soon as we got home it was back to reality. Reality of families, kids, work, shooting the music video and ideas for what’s next. The days being on the road had us asking one question: “Are that good?” Its question that asked ourselves over and over again. From the response we have had over those days. I think the answer is “Yes”. A lot of people doubt themselves. Scared of what’s to come or what some may think about you. That was us in the beginning. Not only did we prove ourselves to ourselves, but we did it in every place we played.

This is only the beginning. The start of something new. Even though it started out to be something else, it has grown into so much more. New friends are being made, new supporters are hearing what we have to offer. Its a feeling like no other. To those who bought a shirt, cd or took our free stuff. THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We do this for you!

The last day of this mini tour was no exception. An open food truck court. We admitted it was a little out of our comfort zone. That was fine. We needed to be out of our comfort zone to show that we can handle the bad’s and make them into good’s. Bobby who booked the show was an amazing dude! He helped us out and even show us a possible new home in Austin, TX! We did what we always do. Give 100% and more. No matter to who was in front of us. The response was awesome. People came up to us with the response of being an awesome band! Just to know that people think we have something good and something that take off at any moment. It makes ready for whatever is coming our way. We will not forget those 2 dudes from San Antonio, TX who drove all the way up just to watch us perform in Austin on our last mini tour date. That itself is most amazing support we could ever ask for! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

We will be in Austin, TX again on Nov.3rd at The Red Fly. See you soon!


IATS 3 Day Mini Tour Day 2: Houston, Tx

I’m left speechless. We have something. I cant put my finger on it. Houston last night was awesome. Our set was a little fast and had to limit our set time a little, but nonetheless it was an awesome night. After our set there was people to the side I wasnt aware of during our show who cheered us on and yelling! It was awesome. We are not a big band or have flashy lights and effects. The way the crowds and supporters at the shows are, they make us feel on top of the world. From the employees of the venues to the first first time listeners we have been told nothing but how awesome we are. That means so much to us. We are gaining more and more fans with every show,  even with our last hometown show. We love all of y’all who come up talk to us and become part of our family. Houston is a beautiful city with so much talent and a powerful scene. This little mini tour has been nothing short of amazing. We have been very fortunate to stay at Hotels and have great meals. We are very blessed for everything. Thank you Houston. See you very soon.


3day minitour Day 1: Harlingen, Tx


Harlingen kicked so much ass! What a night. We played at 1am and people still stood to watch us perform. Going on this little roadtrip we knew we had to bring our best to the table. There is so much talent in Texas that is not heard or seen. Last night we experienced just that. All the bands in this small town had so much to offer. It was an amazing night. The home town crowd were so nice and showed so much hospitality. We cant wait to do it all again soon. I want to thank all the bands that took time to play the show. Also, I want to thank Blaine who helped book this show and showed us a great time. Also, huge thank you to Omar for giving us a cheap hotel room. To all the friends we made we will see you again! Thank you so much Harlingen.





Limited time give away of “Reveal Yourself”

Hey everyone,

So we decided this week we give away our EP.  We just want everyone to hear and pass it around to all their friends! We feel we have something good on our hands. It would mean the world to us to download our EP and share it. Remember to like our Facebook, twitter and instagram pages. They are all here on our site!

Free Download:


I am the seer @ Texas Motor Speedway. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have some great news! We have been selected as one of twenty semi-final bands in the “Texas Motor Speedway Fast Track to Fame Big D NYE Competition.” If we win we get to play Big D NYE (bigdnye.com) in Dallas on New Year’s Eve but we need your help! We need you to vote for us so that we can make it to the top ten most voted bands in the competition. Show the final judging panel that you want to see us ring in the New Year at Big D NYE! Voting ends October 27. You can vote as many times as you like each day in the “Fast Track Face Off” and you can vote for us one time each day in the “Fast Track Fan Favorite.” Just go to bigdnye.com/fasttrack to vote. If you register prior to voting, you will have the opportunity for a chance to win access to the hottest New Year’s Eve ticket in town! The official Big D NYE VIP Party is an invite only event which is held inside of the WFAA-TV studio and provides a front row seat to the heart of the live broadcast and the celebration. Hospitality includes complimentary food and drinks, plus special gifts. Whoo! Hoo! Thank you for your support!

Curt Mangan Strings Endorsement


We are so happy to announce that today we are officially endorsed by another great company. The great people over at Curt Mangan have decided to endorse us with strings. Please welcome them to our I am the seer family. Check out their website!


Curt Mangan Strings

Clayton, USA Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Inc.


Using Clayton picks has is an awesome experience. Clayton Picks have been the best picks I’ve used on my guitar strings. They provide the tone I need to get the crunch I want when picking!   I cannot wait to do more with Clayton USA! Stay tuned folks!!!

Texas Run News

So as you may know. We will be hitting up our home state with a couple of shows! We are so excited to be finally getting out of San Antonio for a little bit to explore other venues and cities. If you ever want to see play somewhere! Just tell us! Below you can find all our dates:

Sep 22 Bridging The Music Presents: Local Band Showcase Austin! (9/22/2013) Austin, TX Tickets & More…


Date Venue Location
Sep 22 Bridging The Music Presents: Local Band Showcase Austin! (9/22/2013) Austin, TX Tickets & More…
Oct 18 Stolas At the 1011 San Antonio, TX Tickets & More…
Oct 24 I Am The Seer At The Hop Shop Harlingen, TX Tickets & More…
Oct 25 I Am the Seer @ Jet Lounge, Houston TX Houston, TX Tickets & More…

Hey everyone take time to go vote for us in this year’s San Antonio Current Music Awards. This would mean the world to us! Please help us out. Thank you again for all your support! Everyone can vote. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world!

Go to www.sanantoniomusicawards.com

1.Best Vocalist: Bryan Gonzalez- I am the seer
2.Best Guitarist: Bryan Gonzalez- I am the seer
3.Best Bassist: Mason Rivera- I am the seer
5.Best Drummer: Chris Garza- I am the seer
14. Best singer/songwriter: Bryan Gonzalez- I am the seer
20. Best New Band: I am the seer
21. Most Underrated Artist: I am the seer
22. Best Album: I am the seer “ Reveal Yourself”


Reveal Yourself: EP Review

HTP REVIEW By Max Puhala

I Am The Seer – Rock, Alternative, EasyCore, Pop Punk, Ambience – San Antonio, Texas

When I was thirteen, I remember going to the record store and buying my first ever Green Day album. Then, during my Freshman year of high school, I remember borrowing “From Here to Infirmary” by The Alkaline Trio from one of my good friends and being blown away. Even after that, there was a time in college when everyone was talking about The Get Up Kids, and during my first listen, I instantly fell in love with those jangly, midwestern emo guitars. Today, a new band out of San Antonio, i Am the Seer (a name which will inevitably be perpetually autocorrected to I Am the Seer), has just hit the scene, and they have the impeccable ability to perfectly combine the sounds and styles from each of these eras of my youth into one awesome melting pot of nostalgia.

i Am the Seer dropped a strong debut EP this year, entitled “Reveal Yourself”, featuring six impressive, no-nonsense, instantly likeable anthems about growing up in such a tough world. Opening track, “Nothing”, is a heavy-hitter that immediately grabs your attention, both with the catchy vocal lines and harmonies, and the forceful guitar tones. After playing some pretty straightforward melodic punk for the first half the song takes a quick turn during the bridge as the band proves they can handle more than just power chords. Charming lead guitar lines slow down the feel of the song, and it ends the track on a poignant note showcasing the sophistication of this band’s musical composition.

The interesting writing choices throughout the album highlight the refined aspects of i Am the Seer’s sound, which gets more and more enjoyable with each song. The diversity and versatility of this group also begin to shine through even more the deeper you delve into this EP. “Crashing” has a Thrice-inspired, almost post rock section, and “Most Importantly” combines the best elements of the Fall Out Boy brand of pop punk with the more aggressive side of early Swellers songs from the “My Everest” era. The emotional heaviness even comes close to matching Pianos Become the Teeth at times, which is something you would never think was possible from an unsigned punk band, and yet here it is.

Being an extremely cultured band pays off because there is something for everyone. People who gravitate towards heavier music will love the powerful sections in “The Reminder” and the title track, punk fans will enjoy this release front to back, and those in-between will certainly appreciate many aspects of it.

But isn’t that the beauty of music? There’s always something new to appreciate. Yesterday, I had no idea this band even existed, but ever since I heard them, I’ve been blasting their EP nonstop in my car every chance I get. So go ahead and do yourself a favor… give the album a spin as soon as you can because, i Am the Seer has an extremely distinctive sound that’s an ecclectic collection of countless bands that I’ve loved throughout my life, and I’m sure you’ll find something to love in them too.


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